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“The anti-hero in this novel is not a person of flesh and bone. He is a symbol, a representation of each one of us. And Right Road is not exactly a road; it is a magic place, a universe in miniature”. Luiz Bras – Folha de São Paulo Newspaper

“The wandering development of the main character in “Right Road” destroys every possibility of a linear, clear and lucid narrative. In fact, they are fragments of  a narrative which unveils the insanity of the unexpected, with a route to an irrational thinking- which is relevant to the project of this novel – this is a novel with modern characteristics. Valor Econômico Newspaper

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“’The Book I Never Wrote’ is written in poetic prose, filled with puns on words, alliterations and neologisms, which provide the reader with a cadenced pace. The stories approach human complexity through characters and environments from different times: from a street beggar to a poet, from present São Paulo to old Egypt. The common denominators are anguish, desire and the vital force against everyday life issues” Valor Econômico Newspaper

Sports journalist Juca Kfouri has published the short story “Implacável Placar” (from “The Book I Never Wrote”) on his blog. This story was inspired by the 7×1 Brazil versus Germany match in the soccer World Cup in Brazil. Blog do Juca Kfouri:

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ABOUT AVENIDA PAULISTA, 22 (“22, Paulista Avenue”)

“I started enjoying the novel since its very beginning! Not only does the main character (narrator) in 1922 use vocabulary from the beginning of the 20th Century – he also ‘thinks’ as a young man from the beginning of the 20th Century! Even his rebel attitude is controlled” Maria Rita Kehl, psychoanalyst.

Interview on CBN Radio:

Com Tânia Morales no Programa Noite Total

In order to listen to the Podcast, click on and select “‘Avenida Paulista, 22’ conta a história de um adolescente que viaja no tempo a partir do ano de 1922” , published on June 10th, 2019

Review on the Entertainement section of the Valor Econômico Newspaper:

Article on the Folha Metropolitana Newspaper about the Guarulhos City Literature Award:

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The poem “A Tua Mais Completa Tradução” (“Your most complete translation”) was published in the January 2020 issue of Magazine “Conexão Literatura”. The poem is a sequence of puns on words in English and in Portuguese, which suggest the ideas of action, formation, information and transformation. Click on the link to read the poem in the magazine:


The short story “Pecados na Capital” was published in Magazine “Trema”. Click on the link to read the short story in the magazine:

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